The Events of Insomnia 56

Sat 2nd Jan 2016 - 5:18pm : League of Legends : General : Gaming

Players from around the UK congragated at the NEC Birmingham to prove themselves against some the top UK teams for a prize pool of £5,000. The AeroX League of Legends team, the unknown underdog team, placed 2nd for their first ever event. We took home £1,000!

The team had been training for a few months before the event, perfecting their synergy and training their skills all for the weekend of Insomnia 56. The team knew that this was their chance to show the scene just how strong they are, and make a mark on UK eSports history.

Going into the event, AeroX was an unknown organisation, with only a couple of known players within the community. We played our first match against Choke Gaming, the all star team assembled for Insomnia 56, with the goal of dominating the competition and bringing back home any easy £2,500. The first round was a convincing win for Choke Gaming, however the team was not disheartened, as they still had plenty more games to play in the qualifier stages.

After a long friday of playing, the team had dominated every single team they played against in the qualifier and advanced into the winners bracket quater finals against TCA eSports. The team lost the first game, but after a convincing victory for us, it was 1:1. We were interrupted as there were server issues on the Riot servers, after a small meeting with the TCA manager Luna, and Multiplay admins, we were able to arrange the final game of the best of 3 for the Saturday morning, at 08:30.

The day began and after a painful wake up time and swift trip to Mc Donalds, the team arrived at the event and were ready to start the final game. 25 minutes later, roars of happiness came from the BYOC halls, as AeroX eSports took the win against TCA 2:1. We advanced into the Winners bracket Semi finals where were to face the UK all star team, Choke Gaming.


After our first defeat against Choke in the qualifiers, the team knew that they had the potential to defeat Choke and knock them into the losers bracket. The first game began, and we gained a lead on Choke Gaming. The game progressed further and the team maintained a constant lead against Choke. After 30 minutes, AeroX had managed to take the first game of the Winners Bracket semi finals.

After we caused Choke their first loss in the whole tournament, the team were full of adrenaline and ready to take their spot in the winners bracket final. The second began. We started off strong, having good control of the early game and slowly building up to the win. However the tides turned, and Choke gaming were able to sway the game into their favor and form an equal playing field. The match was intense, not only for the management team but also for the other AeroX teams gathered around supporting the LoL team. The final team fight had begun, and after an impressive performance from AeroX, the team had done it, they had secured their spot in the Winners bracket final, and knocked Choke Gaming into the losers bracket.

We advanced forward and were ready for our next opponent, MnM eSports. After 2 intense games of two of the top teams battling it out, AeroX came ontop and advanced into the Grand Finals with a 2:0 victory vs MnM.


The moment of truth was neigh. After Choke Gaming advanced through the losers bracket and into the finals, the two teams set up their peripherals and prepared to play. As people gathered infront of the main stage, AeroX eas in the position to potentially to be crowned the champions of Insomnia 56.

We were already proud of our team and could not of been happier with their performance at the event so far. With nerves and passion flowing through the players, it was time. The lights dimmed, the players put on there headsets and prepared for the final moment, the moment they had trained for, and the moment they had fought for.

The team were already in a 1:0 lead against Choke, after winning the Winners Bracket finals vs MnM. The games began and the crowd beginned to cheer. The games were intense for the other members of AeroX, after being with the team during their training and preparation for the event, we were very proud of them. Choke gaming took a 2:0 lead vs AeroX and we were on the verge of losing the tournament. 


The score was 2:1 to Choke, and the team were preparing for their final stand against the UK super team. With chants coming from the right side of the room for Choke, the team stayed strong and headed into their 3rd game of the final with full determination to win the event. However, that was the final straw. We fell to Choke Gaming, and placed 2nd at the event. The team congrated on the stage after the games were finished, and the team could not been anymore happier with their performance. The team held their cheque high and enjoyed their top 2 placement.


Here at AeroX, we believe that it is not about the placement, it is about the passion and the spirit of the players. Throughout the event our management team and players from LoL, CS GO and CoD all kept their spirits high and kept their determination to be successful. When a player falls, we are there to pick them back up and push them even further towards their ambitions, and even when we are not successful, we are not defeated.

We would like to thank everyone for supporting AeroX, not only during the event but for all of the time we have been in the organisation. When we took on AeroX, we had the ambition to make AeroX into a global eSports organisation/brand and aspire upcoming eSports players to follow their dreams and pursue them.

We have had our upsets in the past, and our initial arrival in AeroX was not a smooth journey, however, we are now well on way to achieving our ambition of becoming a highly respected, global eSports organisation. We thank you for supporting us and our players, we hope you have had a good year and join us on our journey in 2016.

We are AeroX.



Jacob Crankshaw

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