Meet the 2016 Gears of War Team!

Mon 4th Jan 2016 - 4:16am : General : Gaming

During 2015, the AeroX Gears of War team had problems with finalizing a roster and sadly were unable to attend Am2Pro in 2015. Expecting to win the event, the team ran into diffuculties and were sadly not able to compete. The Gears of War tournament for Am2Pro was cancelled due to the lack of teams able to attend the event. 

The team decided to take a break from tournaments and work hard on finalizing a roster ready to play in 2016. Both Bear and Fanta have been working hard to find the perfect players for their team, searching through top tier players in order to find the perfect fit. Only a few weeks a go was the finalized roster formed and with the performance coming from the team, both the team and management are happy with the current situation and the current roster. With 2016 just beginning, we are pleased to announce our finalized Gears of War team who will be competing in online tournaments and LAN events.



  • Fanta 


  • Bear


  • VanquisH


  • Whitey


For more information on the Gears of War team, please click on the banner above.

We look forward to watching the team progress and go head strong into events throughout 2016. We hope to give the team the tools they need in order to pursue their goal of being the best team in Europe.



Jacob Crankshaw

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