New Call of Duty Rosters for 2016!

Sat 2nd Jan 2016 - 12:14pm : General : Gaming : Call of Duty

When the new management team started running AeroX, is was at the start of Black Ops III and we were not fully secure on how the players within the scene would adapt to the new game, so we held back from the Call of Duty scene until the players settled in and we could know would be the best to take on for the game. After a a couple of months analysing teams we decided to take on a Call of Duty team for Insomnia 56, who placed 6th against some of the top teams within the scene. After the event the team reaccessed their situation and decided to take a small break. Now the team are back with their new team mate "Risky" and they will be attending upcoming events and will be known as AeroX 18+. 

We wanted to then not only hold a CoD team for the 18+ scene but also for the youth scene, as there is rising eSports professionals making the break from semi pro to professional within the youth scene and we felt that this was something we could not hold back from. After a lengthy trial peroid we have decided to pick up a Call of Duty Youth roster. The team consists of some youth and some 18+ players, but with the younger members in the team, they would not be able to enter into 18+ tournaments, so for this reason they will be known as our youth team. 

We are very happy and proud of our two teams and would like to introduce you to the AeroX eSports Call of Duty rosters for 2016. 


AeroX Call of Duty 18+ Roster - 



  • Dreamz


  • Voom


  • Risky


  • Chunk


Click the banner above for more information on the Call of Duty 18+ roster.


AeroX Call of Duty Youth Roster - 



  • Jxcko


  • Serpex


  • Pace


  • Khaos


Click the banner above for more information on the Call of Duty Youth roster.


We look forward to seeing our teams progress within AeroX and take the fight to the upcoming events in 2016. For more information on the events we will be attending, please visit the Events section here on our website to find out what teams will be attending and when the events are taking place. 




Jacob Crankshaw

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