AeroX talk about the release of the CS:GO roster

Fri 18th Dec 2015 - 7:55am : General : Gaming : Counter Strike: Global Offensive

AeroX Management team have made the decision that we will be releasing the following CS:GO roster of ~

~ Caspiain 

~ Chicken

~ Johnny

~ Dan

~ Canyon 

This decision was made, post Insomnia 56 After a disspointing placement from the teams perspective and also from the management teams and factors around the teams attitudes towards practice and the underestimation of the oppentents at the event, we fully understood going into this event the team would be low on practice but there was still a reasonable expectation from the roster point of veiw towards us at AeroX eSports.

After the event, information was brought to light which made our decision a lot easier, rather than judging performances at the event. There were issues with respect in public which is a clearly not acceptable in our eyes. AeroX ensure every member fully understands rules and common etiquette whilst representing our organisation. 

Everything was dicussed with the roster and the choice was made to release the above members. No hard feelings are felt or bad terms held against them from the organisation, and we wish them all the best in the eSport journeys and future in the scene, these traits were not shown from all memebers but we have made this choice to give people time to aquire rosters and time of reflection post the event last weekend.

Moving forward we will now be looking for a new CS:GO Roster for all future events, plus all online competition, if you are intrested please send a application to thank you.

Oliver 'Tazzz' Holloway

Owner and Managing Director at AeroX eSports

@AeroX_Tazzz ( 



Oliver Holloway

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