Welcome to AeroX eSports

Welcome to AeroX eSports. Home to aspiring eSports professionals accompanied with professional management and guidance.

AeroX eSports is a professional organisation specializing in assisting aspiring eSports stars to achieve their goals. Here at AeroX eSports, we maintain a positive attitude within our organisation, ranging from the players, the management and the content creators. We focus on giving all of our members a good experience, which they can remember and learn from as well as obtaining their goals which they set themselves out to acquire. All of our players recieve 100% support and attention, as well as professional coaching and management from all our staff. We see eSports as a very big evolution within our modern society, and feel that it is very important for not just us, but also many millions of other individuals out there. 

Here at AeroX eSports, we support multiple eSports platforms ranging from League of Legends, Gears of War, Counter Strike and Call of Duty. We look to expand our platforms within the near future, and bring AeroX to other competitive scene's to compete at a top calibur level along side our other teams. 



At AeroX eSports, our main goal is to bring a positive and well managed enviroment to the players in which we support to help them obtain their goals. We feel that it is unfair for well skilled players to be left to deal with such a high amount of pressure from the community and competitive scene and gain barely anything back. It is important to us that the players feel comfortable while striving for success, and we do everything within our power to make that reality. As an organisation, we hope to inspire players to play games competitively and set their own goals and standards. With the eSports scene growing at the rapid rate in which it is, we know that there is a lot of unknown talent out there that has not managed to push that extra mile to becoming a known player. Our goal here at AeroX eSports is turn that individual, into an eSports icon for other aspiring players to look up to and strive for the same success.



AeroX eSports was formed by previous competitive players, who know what it is like to deal with the pressure and enviroments within competitive play. Our managers at AeroX have first hand experience with LAN events, high level tournaments and affliation with other organisations. We know what players need and require in order to make that extra mile towards suceess feel a lot easier to cope and surpassable. We feel that players do like sponsorships and money, but a lot of organisations only have that to offer. AeroX eSports not only offers benefits from our sponsorships and benefits from being a part of the organisation , but it also offers one to one professional management, support and addditional assistance if requested by the players such as coaching and scheduel planning. Not only do teams aquire support from AeroX through online communication services but also personal support at LAN events that they attend. Our players recieve 100% backing from AeroX eSports and we make sure to uphold the consistancy of those morals within our players time in AeroX.  



AeroX eSports has a set standard of foundations for our members to grow in. We feel that competitive gaming is on a very high peak and will continue to gain numbers each day. Millions of individuals have the desire to become a professional eSports player and today here at AeroX eSports we are willing to work with those players to make their desires become reality.


Welcome to AeroX eSports.